Create compelling multimedia narratives

The Story Map Journal is ideal when you want to combine narrative text with maps and other embedded content. A Map Journal contains entries, or sections, that users simply scroll through. Each section in a Map Journal has an associated map, image, video or web page. Actions can also be defined in journal sections so that, for example, clicking a word automatically zooms the section’s map to a particular location.

Examples of Map Journal stories

The Map Journal format is simple but very flexible. A Map Journal may present a story based around just one map. Or it may take users through multiple maps and associated images and videos to provide them with engaging, in-depth information. Browse our gallery to see how storytellers are putting the Map Journal layout options and other capabilities to work.

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Combine multimedia with your web maps

Creating your story with the Map Journal Builder

Click the link below to build a Map Journal using our interactive builder. Your app is automatically hosted on ArcGIS Online. You also have the option of downloading the app if you want to host it on your own website or server.

Follow step-by-step instructions

Build hosted app

Download configurable app

You create your Map Journal with an interactive builder

If you’re a developer…

If you’re a developer and want to modify the app, you can download the source code free of charge from GitHub. You can also use GitHub to share your changes with others.

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You can display full-screen images as well as maps

Need help?

Start with the tutorial, then see the resources on the Support page.


Let us know what you think about the Map Journal app. Your feedback is appreciated. Also, notify us when you publish your story. Many of the community’s best efforts are featured on our public galleries.