A colorful and fun way to present points of interest

The Shortlist app lets you organize points of interest into tabs that make it fun for users to explore what's in an area. Users can click on the places either in the tabs or on the map to find out about them. The tabs automatically update as users navigate around the map to show them what's interesting in their current map extent.

Examples of Shortlist stories

The Shortlist app can be used to show visitors a curated list of what's cool in a city, to showcase historic sites in a state, highlight new development, and son on. One key to successful shortlists is the number of places of interest you present—enough to be engaging but not too many that the user experience becomes cumbersome.

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Building your story with the Shortlist app

Each tab of places in a Shortlist is defined by a point layer in the web map the app displays. These layers can be based on spreadsheet data or shapefiles. Download the app, configure it by editing one of the files, then put it on any web server or website you have access to.

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If you’re a developer…

If you’re a developer and want to modify the app, you can download the source code free of charge from GitHub. You can also use GitHub to share your changes with others.

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Need help?

Start with the tutorial, then see the resources on the Support page.


Let us know what you think about the Shortlist app. Your feedback is appreciated. Also, notify us when you publish your story. Many of the community's best efforts are featured on our public galleries.